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Content Rewriting

We present, academic writing in a tone which is convincing for your readers to present a better argument. We follow the conventions and standards of your field. Proofreading and editing your work will include grammar check, structure check, clarity check, layout check, APA layout check, and reference check.

Academic Research

Research can be cumbersome, and we are here to take off the stress off you. Our quality academic research includes but are not limited to Bachelors thesis, Master’s Thesis, Ph.D. Research Assistance, term papers, seminar, journal articles, and conference papers. Contact us for more information

Plagiarism Check and Citation Assistance

We use AI and complex algorithms to check for plagiarism and properly cite your papers. Our AI uses contextual analysis, and word placement to compare the similarity index across billions of documents on the internet and ensure your work meets the required standard.

Research Proposal Writing

With our expertise in various fields, and how complicated it is for scholars to take up research work independently, we are here to assist and provide this expertise. We have experts who will walk you through the research process and provide you with the necessary help needed to publish an high-impact journals. 

Research topics and Materials

We provide assistance for undergraduate and graduate research topics and materials in fields spanning from IT, Science, and Engineering. For IT and Engineering, we can also help with program design and engineering design of component.

Data Analysis

Leveraging on statistical/computing platforms such as Excel, SPSS, R, and Python, we provide logical methods to evaluate, interpret, and summarize data.


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Plagiarism Free

100% plagiarism free documents thanks to our sophisticated algorithm and AI which is continuously learning and providing the best content.

100% Privacy Guaranteed

All contents are 100% yours and private. Our core mission is to help you achieve the assistance you require to reach your goal.

On-time Delivery

Your contents are provided on time for you to inspect and see if it fits your expectations. This also provide us time to further adjust any other thing to fit your needs.

Trusted and Reliable

Our research and contents are requested by people all over the world. We work with Experts in different fields and industry to provide you with the best content.

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About Talenttic Research

Talenttic Research Writer (TRW) is a professional qualitative writing agency with many years of writing and rewriting undergraduate thesis, Master thesis, M. Phil and PhD thesis, research proposals, admission proposals, articles, essays, reports, case studies, financial projects, literature reviews, technical write-ups, business plans, dissertations, CV’s, cover letters, personal statements, marketing plans, medical projects, law tasks comparative studies, and even project documentation.

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Talenttic Research Services
Talenttic Research Services